Five reasons for choosing Görlitz for your next production.


Winner of the Best European Film Location of the Decade EUFCN

Görlitz is an established filming location for productions with a large budget and, above all, internationally positioned. No other city in Saxony – not even in Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt – has comparable references. Central Germany as a whole benefits from this international perception. Last but not least, the title “European Film Location Award of the Decade” from the EUFCN has also attracted attention. The on-site production conditions are valued by filmmakers around the world.


Location with rich variety

Görlitz offers a variety of locations in a small package. The old buildings here are one of a kind in Germany and interesting nature scenes aren’t far either. The proximity to the Czech Republic and Poland also opens up special opportunities. 



Speedy approvals and permit friendly administration

Community partners have more than ten years of experience supporting film productions. Other cities are also film-friendly, but due to the intensive support of projects by the representatives in Görlitz, particularly close personal contacts in the film industry have been developed. The citizens identify with the filming, and the open-mindedness of those who provide the film locations is exemplary.


Sustainable film production location and campus skills while shooting

Görlitz is a sustainable film production location and is considered a city of short distances. Often the set is only a few steps away from the accommodation. In addition, there are optimal logistical production conditions that cannot be taken for granted. The needs of film productions for space for the base, parking and parking spaces etc. can be easily met due to vacancies and open spaces. Well-bookable accommodation facilities with designated environmental measures are available in appropriate quality and quantity. The city is accessible by public transport and offers a well-developed network of bus and tram routes within the city, as well as car sharing, e-charging stations, vehicle rental and bicycle rental. In addition, there is a pleasant urban environment.


Knowledge transfer: educate future film crews

The Saxon Film Academy trains for the craft needs of the film industry and brings synergies for the work of the film office as well as the productions on site. Another component of Görlitz as a production location is the tourist marketing as "Görliwood®".

 Photo: Nikolai Schmidt