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The Grand Budapest Hotel, Inglourious Basterds, The Reader and Around the World in 80 Days

were all shot on location. That's why is also called Görliwood. 


The Saxon Film Academy trains for the needs of the film industry and brings synergies for the work of the film office as well as the productions on site. Another component of Görlitz as a production location is the tourist marketing as "Görliwood®".

Görlitz never ceases to excite with oodles of charm and a romantic atmosphere. The city remained nearly unscathed during the Second World War, and with its 4.000 or so historical buildings spanning 500 years, it provides a convincing image of different eras and enormous inspiration for many filmmakers.


It was in the 1950s, when Görlitz was used as a film location for the first time for the film “Der Ochse von Kulm“. Since then, about 100 films were made here, often requiring several weeks of filming during one year. And this is how the former insider tip turned into a popular film location with a diversely changeable face. New York, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Paris, Heidelberg – Görlitz has represented all these cities in films. The most famous ones are the Oscar-winning movies “The Reader”, “Inglourious Basterds” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. That is why in autumn 2017, film enthusiasts chose Görlitz to be the
“Best European Film Location of the Decade”.

A selection of the film productions that worked in Görlitz are listed in the Filmography.


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