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Starting February 1st 2021 there’s a new film office in Görlitz. This competence center is the point of contact for film management under pandemic conditions. Unique in Germany, the service is individual and personal, tailored to the needs of film productions and can answer your questions about working in Saxony and the immediate vicinity of Dresden. The film office also supports safe working during the shoot.


The city of Görlitz is one of the most attractive film locations in Germany, and as the European Film location of the decade, offers optimal conditions - not only for film productions, but also for the new film office.


The corona pandemic has a direct impact on the preparation and implementation of film productions. Current requirements for hygiene standards and minimization of contact present film teams and service providers with special challenges. In order to film under pandemic conditions, almost all procedures have to be re-evaluated and adjusted. This includes location selection, catering, mobility, logistics, accommodation and services. The film office is a competent partner for the production teams on site.


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5 Reasons for Görlitz

5 Reasons for Görlitz



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Kerstin Gosewisch

… lives and works in Görlitz. In the last 15 years she successfully supported national and international film productions on behalf of the City of Görlitz. Together with Henrik Greisner she now forms the team of the Görlitz Film Office.


Phone +49 3581 475730

»For me, the city is the star everyone should focus on. We are very happy to meet the challenge of enabling film productions to shoot in Görlitz despite the pandemic. My goal is to anchor the topic of film in this city even more strongly and with a lasting effect.«



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Henrik Greisner


... has been working in the film industry for the last 20 years as a location manager for international film productions. He is member of the Location Managers Guild International in the USA. In the early 1990ies, he went to the USA working as studio builder and set designer with HB Studio, a school for artists and related professions, and the Burbank Studios, a TV production studio in Los Angeles.


Phone +49 3581 574730

»Görlitz is an outstanding place and with the opening of the Film Office it shows even new ways. I am challenged to establish something new that hasn't existed in this combination so far – with this project international experience meets local expertise.«



Filmbüro Görlitz

c/o Europastadt GörlitzZgorzelec GmbH
Fleischerstraße 19
02826 Görlitz, Germany

Phone: +49 3581 475730

Film shoots at the building Brauner Hirsch in the Old Town, Photo: Nikolai Schmidt

Görlitz has a variety of different motifs for various themes and time periods, Photo: Nikolai Schmidt

Film set for »Alone in Berlin", Photo: Nikolai Schmidt

Well known by »The Grand Budapest Hotel«: the former department store, Photo: So geht Sächsisch

The successful German TV series "Wolfsland" already shot 10 episodes in Görlitz, Foto: Paul Glaser